Book Review : Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook

Now a days computer processors are containing more and more cores, Multithreading helps to increase the utilization of these cores. If you are working in Windows environment and dealing with Hardware components, Multithreading is a key factor for creating effective and scalable applications. I would not recommend you to use Read More

A Simple CSS Drop Down Menu

Now a days I have been experimenting with CSS3 features, with some advanced CSS3 selectors we can easily Create a Drop Down Menu with pure CSS without using any fancy background images and JavaScript. In this tutorial I will explain step by step procedure to create a simple drop down Read More

Free Social Media Icons sets(30+) for Websites

Social Media Icons plays a huge role in driving traffic to our blog or website.Every day Design trends are changing, and having quality Social Media Icons in our website can help with the usability of site. And most of us like free resources.Here I am listing 30+ free social media icons(with Read More

Simple Notifications using jQuery

Today  I will explain how to implement Simple Client Side Notifications using jQuery. There are so many jQuery notifications plugins are available for implementing client side notifications , But recently I came across a beautiful plug in called ‘Toastr‘ , a CodeSeven jQuery plugin which is very simple to use and Read More

Simple Pagination Using jQuery & jPages Plugin

In this Tutorial I will explain how to implement simple Client Side Pagination using jQuery There are so many jQuery plugins available for pagination  but recently I came across one beautiful plug in called ‘jPages ‘ with rich set of features like such as Auto page turn Key and scroll browse Showing Read More

Indian Currency Rupee Symbol in HTML Websites

In this post I will explain how to display Indian Rupee symbol in HTML pages. Before that let’s go to history of  Indian Currency Symbol(₹). The Union Cabinet approved Indian currency rupee symbol on 15 July 2010. And this Rupee symbol designed by Uday Kumar, Assistant Professor IIT Gauhathi. It’s a combination of Read More

3 funny things you can do with C# Console

Yesterday I am discussing with one of my cousin, he is currently doing a course on C# .Net. He is experimenting lot of things in C#, I came to to 3 funny code snippets to play around C# console through him. I thought it’s a good idea to share with Read More