Jan 072015
NDepend - A Static Code Analysis Tool

In this post I am going to review one of the static code analysis tool Ndepend by Patrick Smacchia. Before that I would like to explain few things about Static Analysis of Code. Static Analysis of Code: I would like to quote the great Alan Turing (Father of computing) words here ”There Read More

Aug 292014
Checked and UnChecked Keywords in C#

In this tutorial I will explain about little known keywords called checked and unchecked in C#. I came to know about these keywords accidentally, I will share the story with you people. One of my friends’s project simple arithmetic addition failing and returning some garbage value (No exceptions). The code is Read More

Aug 272014

In this C# tutorial I will explain about main difference between ref and out parameters with simple C# examples.ref and out  parameters allows us to pass the parameters by reference instead of Value in C# language. The simple way of declaring methods with ref and out parameters are as follows Read More

Aug 272014
Online shopping Discount Coupons Application For Windows 8 Phone

   All smartphones that are available in the market these days run on operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc. If you have a smartphone with any of these three operating systems, then you will surely find a plethora of apps for them. In fact, most people look at Read More

Jun 072014
Introduction to Responsive Web Design Using Twitter Bootstrap3

  I started learning responsive web design using Twitter Bootstrap Framework. This is my first tutorial on responsive Web design, I will start with the introduction Bootstrap framework and responsive web design, and at the end of the post you will get an idea how to build responsive web pages Read More

Mar 052014
Book Review : Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook

Now a days computer processors are containing more and more cores, Multithreading helps to increase the utilization of these cores. If you are working in Windows environment and dealing with Hardware components, Multithreading is a key factor for creating effective and scalable applications. I would not recommend you to use Read More

Mar 012014
A Simple CSS Drop Down Menu

Now a days I have been experimenting with CSS3 features, with some advanced CSS3 selectors we can easily Create a Drop Down Menu with pure CSS without using any fancy background images and JavaScript. In this tutorial I will explain step by step procedure to create a simple drop down Read More

Feb 112014
Free Social Media Icons sets(30+) for Websites

Social Media Icons plays a huge role in driving traffic to our blog or website.Every day Design trends are changing, and having quality Social Media Icons in our website can help with the usability of site. And most of us like free resources.Here I am listing 30+ free social media icons(with Read More

Feb 102014
Simple Notifications using jQuery

Today  I will explain how to implement Simple Client Side Notifications using jQuery. There are so many jQuery notifications plugins are available for implementing client side notifications , But recently I came across a beautiful plug in called ‘Toastr‘ , a CodeSeven jQuery plugin which is very simple to use and Read More

Jan 272014
 Book Review : HTML5 Web Application Development By Example

Do you get bored reading tons of theory about HTML5 and not many hands on Labs? Then go for “HTML5 web development by example” by Packt publications. The book has the tagline “A Beginners Guide” and it’s what exactly it states. The book covers all the important HTML5 Elements and Read More

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