Jan 072015
NDepend - A Static Code Analysis Tool

In this post I am going to review one of the static code analysis tool Ndepend by Patrick Smacchia. Before that I would like to explain few things about Static Analysis of Code. Static Analysis of Code: I would like to quote the great Alan Turing (Father of computing) words here ”There Read More

Aug 292014
Checked and UnChecked Keywords in C#

In this tutorial I will explain about little known keywords called checked and unchecked in C#. I came to know about these keywords accidentally, I will share the story with you people. One of my friends’s project simple arithmetic addition failing and returning some garbage value (No exceptions). The code is Read More

Aug 272014

In this C# tutorial I will explain about main difference between ref and out parameters with simple C# examples.ref and out  parameters allows us to pass the parameters by reference instead of Value in C# language. The simple way of declaring methods with ref and out parameters are as follows Read More

Mar 052014
Book Review : Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook

Now a days computer processors are containing more and more cores, Multithreading helps to increase the utilization of these cores. If you are working in Windows environment and dealing with Hardware components, Multithreading is a key factor for creating effective and scalable applications. I would not recommend you to use Read More

Dec 142013
3 funny things you can do with C# Console

Yesterday I am discussing with one of my cousin, he is currently doing a course on C# .Net. He is experimenting lot of things in C#, I came to to 3 funny code snippets to play around C# console through him. I thought it’s a good idea to share with Read More

Dec 072013
Delegates and Events in C# / .Net Simplified : C# Tutorial

This C# tutorial explains all the basics of C# Delegates & Events,Where to use Delegates in our daily projects. You might read so many definitions like C# Delegate similar to functional pointer in C++ but type safe A delegate can point to a method, which is having same signature as Read More

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