Apr 012013

Have you ever imagined you could search Google by Smell..?  Or you are ordering a pizza or anything but before ordering if you can able to Smell those things? Imagine how it will be? Google announced their new search feature Google Nose.You can search by Smell also.Confused? See the below Read More

Dec 152012
Know what people searched For in 2012 with Google Zeitgeist

As a human everyone is curious to know about what other people doing in their daily life that’s why Facebook is very famous! Am I correct? 2012 is going to end within few days,Do you know what happened in the past one year in Internet world or Google? Want know trending Read More

Oct 122012
What do you Love? By Google

For some time forgot about Internet,Web,Google,go back to 50 years. Imagine you are in 1950’s You want to plan a vacation for week end? What will you do? First thing Place(where you want to go Decide then plan) Date and Time (When you want to Go) Is there are any books available Read More

Oct 062012
The Best Google Features probably you are not Using

How many blogs you subscribed for latest news?How you ever subscribed for “Google Alerts” to get latest news?With Google alerts we will get an instant email  notification of the latest relevant search results based on our interests.With Google alerts we can track everything on Web.It’s a simple but powerful search Read More

Oct 012012
Google Search Tips & Tricks

We use google image search for celebrities photos,places etc. But with this Image search we can find whatever you want,I will share my experience with Image search. Google Image search providing so many filters like time,type,size,color etc.I love to read algorithm books more,I read one book about algorithms long back.I Read More

Sep 292012
A search engine for what we have seen before

Most of the people are good at remembering contents of a webpage. But not good at remembering how they find that page. After several months,if we search for those pages we will get millions of pages and Page1 will contain fresh and popular pages right now.What we looked before may Read More

Sep 222012
Google Advanced Search

This post is continuation to my Old posts  Finding Chat Logs  and  Watch live webcams with simple Google Trick We have so many searching operators like  Search for an exact word or phrase : “search query” Exclude a word : -query Include similar words : ~query Search within a site or domain : site: query Include a “fill Read More

Sep 212012
Join free course by Google to Sharpen search skills

Want to know about Google tricks or searching techniques? Tired of searching many blogs and websites for searching techniques? Knowing how to find answers in Google is an important skill now a days,for that purposeGoogle introducing Power Searching with Google Course to smarten our search skills. This is an online, Read More

Sep 192012
Interesting Facts about Google

Some interesting facts about Google that are hard to believe When we are searching something do you know how much power consumed by Google? Just think about it,lot of servers will  work in  background and within 1 sec it will display the results.  How much power or energy consumed by Read More

Sep 112012
Search Both Google and Yahoo at a time

Google and Yahoo dominating Web now a days.Most of the people in the world using Google or Yahoo as primary search engines. But if we are not finding exact information,we will search all major search engines like Google,Yahoo,Msn etc. But from now on wards no need to waste more time Read More

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