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3 funny things you can do with C# Console

Animated Console Title

Yesterday I am discussing with one of my cousin, he is currently doing a course on C# .Net. He is experimenting lot of things in C#, I came to to 3 funny code snippets to play around C# console through him. I thought it’s a good idea to share with you people.

These code snippets may not help us in our daily life but it’s good know these things.

Fun with Console Title:

Console.Title property sets the title of C# console window.

We can set animated console title like below using following code snippet.

Animated Console Title
Animated Console Title


Moving Console Window

We can use Console.SetWindowSize(numberColumns, numberRows) property to set the console window size. We use this property to create moving console window as shown above with following code snippet.

Animated Window Size Console
Animated Window Size Console


Annoying Beep Sound:

We can use Console.Beep() method to emit beep sound from system speakers.

We can annoy the  user by setting different frequencies and durations.


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