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Gmail in Personal Search Results : Sign up for trail

Google introduced one new search experiment ‘Gmail in personal search results‘.
You need sign up to use this search feature after sign up wait for confirmation mail from google.Mostly within one day you will receive mail. And expereince new awesome searching feature.

Email relevant to our search:-

When we search it will search relevant email,content and links from our ‘Personal Gmail’ and displays on Google Search Page along with normal results. 

Contacts and their recent mails:-

Search for contacts you have emailed recently and see their messages.

Enhanced flight tracking feature:-

Get updated information and statuses for flights

Few things to remember:-

This is a trail feature and only accessible on google.com English and for @gmail.com accounts only,not available on google app accounts(@yourowndomain.com). When your account is ready you will receive an email from google.
And google is saying ‘Due to limited capacity and intial set up We may not be activate the experiments for everybody’
So friends hurry up sign up for this ‘Gmail field trail’. I am using this feature already it’s simply superb.

What about Security?

 These results only visible to you,so you need to be sign in,and the pages transmitted over SSL -encrypted channels,the same security protocol used in Gmail.

Click here for sign up.

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