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Print All Gmail Emails in One Folder or Label at a Time


Gmail will allows us to print one mail or message at a time.We cannot print multiple mails at a time that are saved in a folder or Label.We have to open each mail at a time and in order to print them.

Here is the simple solution to print all Gmail.com emails in one label at a time.

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Gmail Print All for Chrome is a nice Google Chrome Extension that will export all mails in a label to a Google Doc that we can Print or Save it as PDF. Organize you emails according to labels or folders.

  • Install Gmail Print All for Chrome From Chrome Web Store.
  • Open Gmail Print All for Chrome Icon in Google Chrome App Screen.
  • GmailPrintAllForChromeGrantAccess
  • Authenticate by clicking Click to Authentic.
  • Read term and conditions ,Grant access.
  • GmailPrintAllAccess
  • Select you label and print it to Google Doc.
  • That will create one Google Document,Each conversation thread gets a page of its own with the subject and number of messages in the thread, messages organized by the date.
  • And this also creates a document in Google Drive containing the contents from messages.

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