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Track who opened your mails

I will explain how to track the sent by you. Whether recipient opened or not?

Emails the best mode of communication, We as a job seekers send our resumes to recruiters and keep on guessing whether they saw our mail or not? and if they did not replied we will copy paste that mail and again we will send. 

Cannot we track our sent emails?
Whether receiver opened or not?
Yesware is a free gmails service that tracks Gmails mails so that we will never have to guess who opened our mails or waste time copy/paste same message again and again.
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 Go to Chrome WebStore or click here.
And install Yesware extension
After installation sign out of your gmail ,restart browser and Go to your gmails you can see new options Yesware ,Save as Template ,Track as shown below
Track Who Opened Your Email
Send mails and you will be notified if they opened your mails as shown below.
This is plug in very much helpful for sales persons who does business with gmail, to close their deals faster.
Not only Tracking emails it will provide so many other features for business purpose such as
Templates,CRM Sync,Report and analytic. 
Right now it is providing 100 mails per month freely for tracking,for personal usage it is more than enough,for business purpose just visit their website


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  1. This is very helpful; as I have been looking for service that would work. I think it will be necessary as I grow and have to communicate with more vendors and assistants. Thanks!

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