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A search engine for what we have seen before

Seen before
Most of the people are good at remembering contents of a webpage. But not good at remembering how they find that page.
After several months,if we search for those pages we will get millions of pages and Page1 will contain fresh and popular pages right now.What we looked before may not be the popular.
We can bookmarks those pages but the problem is we may not think it was important for us to bookmark it.How to find previously viewed pages?
And the solution is


Seen Before:
A search engine for what you have seen before. Previously viewed webpages appear alongside your normal Google results.
It works across the multiple machines and Stores what ever we saw before based on keywords we searched.
No need to remember all the pages. And Filters are provided ,we can search for it by time of day or hour or etc.
And also we will get automated weekly email, detailing most common visited websites.
And 40% of the online users are simply looking for what they read before. Seen Before finds what we saw and saves time.


How it works:
You need to register on www.seenbefore.com to use this extension.
That’s is it.That plug in will take care of remaining things.And it’s completely different from browsing history.
Seen before stores information securely in the cloud from our work or home computer.
So no matter where you read,you can still search for it based on our account.
It integrated with Google search so on every search, we can see how many results are within SeenBefore.
And another great thing is as it stores cached information we can read those page even if the page get changed or deleted.
We can see our results from anywhere.Just we need to install Chrome extension in that machine login to your account it will display the results as shown below.You can see Seen Before Options on the left side of the Search page When we click on    seen before it will shown the results based on time. It will not save private information like online banking,emails,shopping cart,https mode pages
How to install:
Currently it has more than 2000 users around the world.
Unfortunately it’s stopped new registrations,because they exceeded their expectations.
Luckily i have an account,simply superb extension.
But you can give a try by installing extension from Chrome web store click here
They are working and relaunching it very soon.
To get early access register on their website or you can clikc here.
currently it supports for Chrome only.But in the coming version it supports both Mozilla and Safari.
Register yourself as soon as possible and enjoy the searching.


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