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Google Advanced Search

This post is continuation to my Old posts 
Finding Chat Logs  and 
Watch live webcams with simple Google Trick
We have so many searching operators like 
Search for an exact word or phrase : “search query”
Exclude a word : -query
Include similar words : ~query
Search within a site or domain : site: query
Include a “fill in the blank” : query * query
Search for either word : query OR query
Search for a number range : number..number 

No need to remember all these operators from now on wards we can use Google advanced search page for finding exact information .
Google advanced search option includes all these operators at one page. 
Click here to go to advanced search page.

Here is the screen shots for Google advanced search page.

Google Advanced search
Google Advanced search
I don’t know why Google is not providing this option in Google Home Page.
Instead of I am feeling lucky button it’s better to have this Google Advanced Search option.

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