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Google Body Browser

Exploring Human Body in 3D view..
If you are using google Chrome or FireFox 4 or higher Version browser.. then..
Click here for awesome Experience.. 

Select Options given on the left hand side panel or
Just double click and play around..
And also it has one search box, just enter body parts like mouth nose etc..
and see the magic..
With the end of google labs, google discontinues the development of different experiments including this
Google Body Browser..
This is built by google Engineers on their 20% of free time.
But now this project handed over to Zygote,the company which provided the
images used in this application.
And also software underlying google body is now open source..
using this code, Zygote is offering the same navigation,layers and instant search Google Body..
It’s very useful for high schools students to explain about Human Body..
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