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Google Search Tips & Tricks

Color Filter

We use google image search for celebrities photos,places etc. But with this Image search we can find whatever you want,I will share my experience with Image search.

Google Image search providing so many filters like time,type,size,color etc.I love to read algorithm books more,I read one book about algorithms long back.I don’t remember author name and not even book name.It’s an algorithm book that’s it.

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One day I am searching for that book in Google but I am not able find that book.One day gone in searching,later I lost my patience and quit my search.

Next day I am searching for some images(Again celebrity Image only) and I saw color filter at the bottom left of the page

Color Filter

I selected Black and White I got all Black and white photos.Then I thought of that book it’s cover page is in orange color.

Then I searched for ‘algorithms books’  keyword in Google image search I got so many results,then I filter it by Orange color.Finally I got that book the book name was ‘Algorithms and networking for Computer Games’ and the authors are ‘Jouni Smed’ and ‘Harri Hakonen’.

I wasted my entire day for finding this book finally I found.



And another example One of my friend (He is from electronics streams) He wants ‘ Tesla Coil ‘ architecture(No need to bother about Tesla Coil Even I don’t know).I searched for Tesla Coil in Image search. I got so many results as shown below.


Tesla Coil


Mostly I got Color photos,but he don’t want that color photos then I selected one image as above and Filter it by similar images I got so many Tesla Coil architectures as shown below.


We can search whatever we want,if we use Image search smartly.This may be simple trick but it helped me a lot.

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