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Interesting Facts about Google

Some interesting facts about Google that are hard to believe
When we are searching something do you know how much power consumed by Google?
Just think about it,lot of servers will  work in  background and within 1 sec it will display the results. 
How much power or energy consumed by those servers?
Nothing or we can say per one search -1k energy consumed.Energy used by google is very less.
The Impact of Search:
The energy consumed for 100 searches in Google can be compared to drying our hands with a standard electric dryer or ironing a shirt or drinking orange juice.
Particularly Google will consume 0.0003kWh of energy to answer average search query. This translates into roughly 0.2 grams of CO2(Carbon Dioxide).
Google Search Energy
The Impact of Youtube:
3 weeks of nonstop Youtube will consume energy equivalent to energy consumed by one load of laundry and produces 3 kg of CO2.
And streaming 1 minute of youtube requires 0.0002kWh of energy and it generates 0.1g of CO2
YouTube Energy
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The Impact of Gmail:
1 year of Gmail will consume energy equivalent to energy to write, mail and dispose of six letters via snail mail and produces 1.2 kg of CO2.
Google uses 2.1 kWh per gmail user every year, and generates 1.2 kg of CO2.
Gmail Energy
You can see more details at Google Green

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