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Knowledge Graph by Google

Have you observed new google search feature.
Search for famous persons or places or anything you interested.
Its showing web pages as well as complete history associated with that persons and places on the right side of the search page.

Click on more details and it will display a new carousel along the top of the result page.
Knowledge Graph Carousel:

The idea behind this feature is  When we search something we will be looking to get the answers, understand and explore rather than  list of web pages.

Know What Exactly you want..!

With this new feature we can get a complete picture of what we are interested.
It helps you to find answers and explore when we are looking for a collections or a list of thingslike 2011 action movies, Famous musicians, and things to do in Paris etc,so that we can research a topic faster and in depth than before.
No need to refer different sites for a specific topic, with this knowledge graph now we can find enough details at one place.

No More Confusions from Now on wards..!

And sometimes we may get confused with some search results
for example I want to search for Reo city.
But there is a movie with the name Reo and also a Casino also there, if I type Reo it will displays all the unnecessary results 
but now with the knowledge graph Google can understand the difference,
helps us to find what exactly we want as we enter our search.

How it Works..!

Google is building a massive graph of real world things and their connections to return more meaningful results.
For Example I am searching for LeoNardo Da Vinice it will displays the personal information about him like Place of birth Italy and Italy is linked with Italy details like capital city Rome and Rome is linked with Rome details etc. 

So when we search something we can get more answers and discovers more

Knowledge Graph

Information is Everywhere..!

Knowledge graph is available in Tablets, Smart phones also. Wherever we search on Google we will find the answers.
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