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The Best Google Features probably you are not Using

Google Alerts

How many blogs you subscribed for latest news?How you ever subscribed for “Google Alerts” to get latest news?With Google alerts we will get an instant email  notification of the latest relevant search results based on our interests.With Google alerts we can track everything on Web.It’s a simple but powerful search tool that works based on Google Search engine.

Here is the simple way to create Google alerts.Go to Google alerts

Google Alerts

For example if you want to keep track of Windows 8 release then you can create an alert {Search query:”Windows 8 release” result type:news How often:As-it-happens} or you can restrict search results to only Microsoft using site: operator in search query you can type { “Windows 8 release” site:microsoft.com }.Now you will an update whenever microsoft release news about Windows 8.

And one more thing you may get irrelevant results if you do not specify Search query exactly here is the simple tip to remove irrelevant results.

Put the keyword within double quotes (“Windows 8 release”) it will exactly search for “Windows 8 release” and remove all search results for Windows. And use site operator for example if we want to get news about apple new releases you can restrict your search results to apple.com using site operator.

Most websites like Forbes, CNet or CNN let us setup free email alerts for tracking any topic on their websites. When a story contains your selected topic or your keyword, you will receive e-mail alerts.but most of these sites require registration for alerts and also there is no customization options like (site: etc..) in that case we may get irrelevant results also we can use google alerts to set up notifications, no need maintain multiple accounts on these websites. If you want to know news about Apple applications you can create alert as {“Apple applications ” site:Forbes.com}.

More Option Link:

You want to download some software most of us enter search query like “Download Avast antivirus” We will get so many web pages but not direct links to the downloads.(Some times it will shows).Have you observed left side panel of Google search page

google application searchIf you select more options you will get so many options like Blogs,shopping,patents and applications.

Select applications and you will get exact links to software downloads.

You may also search Android,Nokia,Samsung,apple applications.

I already explained how to use Images options in my earlier posts,you may refer those links to know more about Google Images options.

Search Google By Image And Use Google image search Smartly. Spend some time on More options to explore searching skills.

Google Scholar:

Searching for articles and research material just go to Google Scholar. Create alerts for new researching topics and you will get email updates whenever an article published in your niche or topics.Helpful to PhD students to research on a particular topic.

 Intext Operator:

This is one more cool operator in Google Searching.For example you want to search for Data structures notes. You can write search query as

Data Structures site:stanford.edu

Here my intention is to search data structures material in Stanford university.If we want to search for Data structures using algorithms just change the search query as below

Data Structures site:stanford.edu intext:algorithm

You can use Data Structures and algorithm as  search query but above query will return exact results.

Date Range searching option:

Google has option to filter results based on Date ranges.

Date Range Search option

In the left side panel click on More search tools,Select custom range and enter from and to dates to filter dates based on time.

For example you want to search news for fifa world cup 2010.You may select date range from June2010 to July 2010.




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