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Watch Live Web Cams with simple Google Trick

Yes. We can watch Live webcams with a small Google trick I can say a simple Hack. 

  1. Open Google.com
  2. Search for “powered by webcamXP” “Pro|Broadcast”
  3. It will return so many results but our interest is to find such links as below image

    Salisbury Web Cams            
    as shown below
Live WebCam
Open that link you can See public Live Cams
How it will Work?

“Powered by WebcamXP” is a text found on specific kinds of webcam pages.
google will search for that specific word returns corresponding results.
To Return Exact results you can search as below
It will return more Exact results for Live Webcams.
Is this Legal?
Here we are not doing any hacking kind of things.
It is a simple Search query by google. 
It is individual responsibility to Secure their Web cams and especially Web sites.
They are not supposed to expose websites publicly.

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