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What do you Love? By Google


For some time forgot about Internet,Web,Google,go back to 50 years.

Imagine you are in 1950’s You want to plan a vacation for week end? What will you do?

  • First thing Place(where you want to go Decide then plan)
  • Date and Time (When you want to Go)
  • Is there are any books available about that place
  • Searching for news in Daily news papers
  • Any pictures?
  • Find that place in ATLAS
  • Route map to that place.
  • Send telegrams to your friend about your plan and ask them to join.
Difficult to do all these things right? but now we have Google to find all this things,We will use Calender (to plan),Google images,gmail,news,google maps to do all these things.But the problem is First we have to search images,next in other tabs we search for news,Google maps etc.
Imagine all these features at one place! your life will become simpler,Am I correct?  For this reason

Google come with new searching feature What do you love by Google?

Find your interests and get more details about it from different Google products at one place.

Google Products includes

  • google maps:-Search your interest in Google Maps
  • youtube:-Search Videos in youtube
  • Sketch:-Explore your interests in 3d with Google Sketch
  • Calender:-Plan your events
  • Blog Search:-Find blogs with your interests
  • Patents:-Find patents related
  • Books:-Find Books about your interests
  • Alerts:-Set alerts
  • News:-Find news
  • Google Translates

And more Google products at one place.

Go to http://www.wdyl.com/

Enter your interests and explore them in different areas (like mentioned above)

I searched for Ice creams(I personally don’t like ice creams but my Best friend likes them a lot) and I came to know more details about ice cream at one place like below.

ice cream

Now I know Ice cream in different languages (IJs – (Dutch),Lody – (Polish),Hufen Iâ – (Welsh),Dondurmalar – (Turkey) and in many languages).Blogs about Ice creams and many details in one page.

Find your interests,And Explore.

Happy Searching..


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