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Close similar tabs in Chrome and mozilla

Close Similar Tabs GoogleChrome

In Facebook we will open friends Facebook profiles in different tabs and we will end up with having multiple tabs not only Facebook It may happens while browsing popular sites like Statckoverflow,MSDN.

There are some extensions available in chrome and Mozilla through which we can close multiple tabs from the same domain or host at time.

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Close similar tabs in Google Chrome:

Install close similar tab extension from from Chrome web store.You will see  an icon close similar tab as shown below. Just click on the icon it will close all similar tabs from the same domain .

Close Similar Tabs GoogleChrome
Close Similar Tabs Google Chrome

But remember it will close similar tabs automatically without confirmation.

Close similar tabs in Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla users install TabCloser extension from add-on Gallery.Install it ,It asks to restart the browser.Then go to the tab right click you will see on option to close tabs from same domain as shown below


The advantage of this extension is it will asks for confirmation before closing.

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