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DIGG announced their Reader alternative to Google

Now bloggers are thinking about replacement to Google Reader, but bloggers may lose their  subscribers because only some people will migrate their RSS readers to other platforms and many of them are ignore(lazy) as they don’t want to take much time or effort to migrate their feeds.

Now the discussion has been started what is the alternative for Google Reader?

Currently we have plenty of options like Feedly,Pulse,Flipboard,Newsblur,Netvibes  and the old reader.

But in the meanwhile social bookmarking giant DIGGannounced their New Reader alternative to Google Reader.As per DIGG blog It’s planned to build a reader in the second half of 2013 but after announcement of Google’s it took it as a high priority and announced it’s launching date as JULY 1 2013.

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4 thoughts on “DIGG announced their Reader alternative to Google

  1. That’s a good point that not a lot of people are bringing up. So many sites are suggesting Twitter lists and Google+ as alternatives to Google Reader when, in reality, they will not keep people as informed about the latest blog post updates like an RSS reader would.

    1. Yes Kristi.Lot of bloggers may lose most of their subscribers.We have to see how other alternatives will work. Newsblur is facing some problems due to huge traffic and temporarily suspended free accounts.

  2. Hi Arunkumar,

    I totally agree with your suggestions. I think Lot of bloggers may lose most of their subscribers. I think they not keep traffic in our site.

    Thanks for share with me this informative article!!

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