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How to compress pictures without losing quality

Compress pictures and email

Now days I am busy with some other activities so I could not concentrate on my blog.I hope you enjoyed the new year celebrations This is my first blog post in this year 2013.Happy new year to all of you.

This post will explain how to compress pictures without losing their quality.

Recently I visited many tourist places around Bangalore,took many pictures and uploaded into Facebook and sent emails to my family members as they don’t have Facebook accounts.

But the problem here is you know that modern digital cameras  take pictures that are extremely large sometimes 5 to 10 mega pixels and more.Emailing those kind of pictures is very difficult,even uploading those high resolutions photos into Facebook will take lot of time.And if your Internet speed is slow then gone case only.

We can zip those photos but that will not compress photos as expected.I heard about some softwares those will compress pictures without loosing quality. I tried many softwares finally I end up with nice tip,no need to install any softwares If you have Microsoft Office in your system.Yes Microsoft Office that’s enough.I will explain how to compress pictures without loosing quality.

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First copy pictures into laptop or system from your digital cam,before compressing it’s better to maintain back up of high resolutions.

  • Open Folder and select any one picture,right click and open with Microsoft Picture Manager.
  • Click on edit pictures and then select thumbnail view (small icon on left side of the picture manager) refer below picture.
  • Compress pictures and email


  • Then select all pictures (press ctrl+A).In the Edit pictures Panel select Compress pictures.

Compress Pictures                                                                       Compress pictures for emails

  •  Select documents as shown in the above pic on the bottom side you will see the compressed details as Original:1.52GB Compressed 207MB. Here I selected 519 files.Press OK. Wait for a while and then press Ctrl+S to save all pictures.
  • It may take sometime depending on number of files selected usually it’s less than a minute.

Upload these compressed pictures into Facebook rather than high resolution pics.You can save lot of time.And quality wise there is no much difference.

Instead of Emailing pictures you can use Google Drive to share pictures.Go to  Google Drive, Log in with your Gmail account and upload picture folder.

  • Select that folder , and click on More and select Share
  • Google will provide one link to those pictures  and we can share that link to facebook,twitter,Google plus instantly.
  • And enter email of your loved ones,share with them. 
  • Google providing 5gb free space to every gmail account we can upload files pictures into cloud and access them from anywhere.
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