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Watch torrent videos without downloading


Torrents are popular for downloading films,videos.But the problem with the torrents is most of them are fake it’s difficult to identify good torrents.Some torrents contains sample videos to check video clarity.But most of them are does not come up with sample videos in that case how to check videos clarity? how to identify fake torrents?

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TS(Torrent Stream) magic plays torrents online in the original quality without downloading.It works same as torrent,based on number of peers connected to us.If the peers are more and internet connection is good streaming will be fast.Or we can stream it for some time to check quality of the video,if the quality is good we can download that film or video using utorrent.

Downloading TS magic player:

  • Download TS magic player from http://torrentstream.org/ follow the instructions and install it.
  • Then you need to install browser plug in,for chrome click here
  • In mozilla after installing TS magic player you need to enable TS magic player extension.
  • Go to Tools>Add-Ons>Extensions and enable TS Magic player as shown below
  • TSMagicplayerformozilla
  • Opera users can download extension from here
  • It supports Chrome,Mozilla,Opera only.

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How to Use:

  • Open torrent URL
  • And you will see an option play online
  • If you cannot see this option you can simply right click on Download torrent link and select ‘View Torrent Online’ as shown below And enjoy the videos











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