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20thingsilearned.com:20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

      How does the World Wide Web work?
      What is a browser? 
      What is Cloud Computing?
      What is HTML5?

      The Best Answers for the above questions is 20thingsilearned.com
      Google takes a stab at answering these questions and more with 20 Things I Learned, a Web application that gives the look and feel of a children’s book. In a series of straightforward essays, the authors walk users through the basics of the modern Web, with an eye toward educating them about the benefits of using an up-to-date browser.
     The entire project is written in HTML5, the latest version of the language that helps structure and present the Web. Elegant animations and graceful transitions between pages give the Web app a charming, booklike feel – and they do it using open-source technologies that only recently came into use.

In one Line 
20thingsilearned.com is a Newbie’s Guide to the World Wide Web 
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