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Read Later Fast : Chrome and Mozilla plug in for offline access of webpages

Read later faster plugin for chrome and mozilla is very much useful to everyone.
       Now a days I am spending most of the time on Internet browsing and my browser is filled with too many tabs.
 And i am saving some links  as bookmarks, when I refer those bookmarks later, i came to know that they are no longer important. I keep on deleting those bookmarks.

        Cannot we have temporary location for storing those types of links? rather than storing it into bookmarks

      And another problem with bookmarks is we cannot access those links in offline. We need to connect to the internet.
      I came to know about one beautiful extension in Chrome which saves pages to read online or offline and avoids to many tabs in browser. Read Later Fast 
      Go to Chrome Web store in Search box type Read later Fast, and select extension install it.

How to use this Extension?

Open webpage you want to save it. For Example InternetExplorer Tab in Chrome and Mozilla
And right click any where in the page You can see one option Real Later as shown below

Read later Fast
Read Later

Just select that option and you can see one pop up page saved..
Go to your chrome apps select Read later Fast You can your pages that are saved.

 It has two options Unread and Archive. And most important feature of this Extension is 
It will remove all unnecessary data from the page (like adds) and saves only required information,Clean text.We can read webpages fast using slideshow.

It is very helpful while saving any articles and news.We can access it offline also.

And it has another awesome feature “Price comparison while shopping” .

Shopping with Read Later Fast..!

When we are are shopping on e-commerce  sites like amazon,it provides price comparisons 
automatically as shown below.. It list outs prices in ebay,obostore etc..
No need to compare product on different sites. It will automatically searches the similar product online and displays.

And we can disable this feature if we don’t want to use it.
This is the one of the best browsing feature i have ever seen.

In mozilla also we have this pulg in Click here For Download that plugin

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