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How to open internet explorer sites or IE-only websites in firefox and Chrome

Tired of checking each webpages in Internet Explorer? 

Cannot we check within chrome or Mozilla?
And want to check Outlook mails within Chrome or Mozilla with Internet Explorer Features..!
Is there is any extension for this?
 Internet Explorer users and IE-only websites still exist

How to Open Internet explorer sites or IE-only websites in Chrome and Mozilla?

Answer is Yes.. We can check IE compatibility within Chrome or Mozilla itself..
IETab.net is providing one simple extension for Chrome and Mozilla.. It allows us to use
Internet Explorer display webpages in a separate Tab in mozilla or Chrome..
IE in Chrome and Mozilla
What is the use?
This is useful in many cases where a webpage require Internet Explorer Features like..
  • Display Webpages that requires ActiveX controls
  • Testing Webpages with Internet Explorer’s rendering engine
  • It uses windows explorer view to see local file system,with IE icons,right click menus etc..
  • Use Outlook Web Access
  • Use  exclusive IE Share point features
Other Features:
  • Auto URLs – We can set Specific URLs to open in IE Tab (only) like Outlook mail URLs
  • Bookmarks – Set up IE Tab bookmarks which will automatically load a page in IE Tab
  • IE Configuration – Full Support for IE Configuration
From where we can download?
For Google Chrome just go to ChromeWebStore and in search bar type IE tab and select IE Tab extension and install. This is a Top 10 Extension in Chrome since 2009..
To download plug in for Mozilla Click here
And currently it will supports only Windows Systems..
Version of Internet Explorer:
It will use existing IE version in our systems.. ie., if we have IE6 in our System it will render pages in IE6 Versions
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