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Iolo System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic Discount

Any long time Windows user knows that a single corrupt in registry entry or spyware or virus can kill an entire windows installation.

Most of us, including myself will use default to a combination of the free but popular CCleaner, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy and an antivirus program to protect our Windows PCs.

Iolo System Mechanic promises all these things in one tool at 49.95$:[Use the mentioned system mechanic download link  and get at $29.95 Only Save $20] Registry cleaner, Hard disk repairer, shortcut reconnecter, defragmenter, PC start-up optimizer, application uninstaller, secure file wiper and more.

In short,Iolo System Mechanic is all in one PC Tune-Up software to optimize your computer and network’s performance at best level.Works with Windows 8,7 and Vista/Xp.

Iolo System Mechanic 11.5 has been fully designed to effectively fix, optimize and maintain Windows 8 PCs based on extensive testing from iolo Labs.

System Mechanic comes with so many importance features that will solve all major root causes of PC slowdown and ensures PC to run at their peak level.
Here is the quick round of System mechanic features

System mechanic Features
System mechanic Features

Iolo System Mechanic can perform 200+ critical diagnostic tests and lets you to use individual tools which are necessary for maximize performance, and increase system speed.

Most Important feature and Useful feature of System Mechanic is AccelWrite. It’s an alternative to Defragmenter. Whenever you run defragmention on your system you end up suffering from increasingly sluggish PC response.

Some may believe that defragmentation after the fact is the best solution available, but iolo engineers have always insisted on doing everything possible to prevent a user from ever having to experience a PC slowdown. Why fix something that should be prevented from happening in the first place?

The solution is AccelWrite it is real-time proactive technology that works deep inside the Windows operating system, preventing fragmentation and allowing optimized file organization on your solid state drive [SSD] and traditional hard disk drive [HDD]—without creating new problems. In fact, your PC uses less system resources with AcceleWrite running than when it isn’t.

Iolo AccelWrite Report

Iolo System Mechanic Review:

Here I am sharing my experience with System mechanic.

It’s straight forward and easy to use tool.

When I installed System Mechanic, updated it and loaded it for the first time, this is the screen I got. Easy to read with clear instructions and A nice “dashboard” giving me a summary of my system performance.First time It’s poor.

Simply I clicked on Repair All button it took almost 20 min to clean my system. It altered some start up settings and some other things, it required a restart.

When I restarted before windows could fully load, System mechanic loaded in DOC command line and ran through its scan there (Cleaned some disk problems).

It took several minutes, Windows7 loaded this time I ran system mechanic and it showed system status as Green.

My computer was noticeably faster. Start up to an active desktop was a bit faster, applications loaded a little faster, websites came up faster.
I went to system mechanic dashboard to see what actually it did here is the screen shot(Reports>History)

System Mechanic History
System Mechanic History

But one thing I noticed here is it said “Fixed registry problems” but no further information like what problems it fixed? “Recovered 605 MB of memory” how it recovered? No details Information.

Apart from this it is very good at the back-end cleaning.

Do I recommend System Mechanic? Yes. It provided some in depth improvements to my system that I am very lazy to do. I found that it’s a great time saver.

Is it worth to spend 49$ per year?(50% off to my readers)

For advanced power users it’s just another tool may not be worth at $49 per year. But it’s great tool for cleaning your family members (Mom’s Dad’s Son’s or daughter’s) systems. One copy of system mechanic can be installed in any number of sytems. Overall $49 really not much for some really useful software like this.

Detail description can be found at What’s new in System Mechanic?

Bottom Line:

Perfect for slow system’ed family and friends. Great Time Saver for power users.

System Mechanic Coupon Code (Flat 50% off):

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And here is the one more Offer to my readers

1. System Mechanic 11.7 [Regular price: $49.95]  :  Everything you need to fix and speed Up Your PC.

2. Search and Recover. [Regular price: $39.95]     :   Rescues accidentally deleted files, photos, MP3’s & more.

Product Bundle: System Mechanic 11.7 PLUS Search and Recover. Only $39.95 [Save $49.95!]


Awards and reviews:

System Mechanic Awards
System Mechanic Awards


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