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Check username availability in more than 100 Social bookmarking sites

Maintain one common username across the social media by checking username availability across the social networks.
Personal branding is necessary now a days,to increase our personal brand it’s better to have unique username in social networking sites and Social bookmarking sites.
How to check whether our username available on social networking sites?
Here is the simple procedure. 

Namechk is helps us to check username or vanity url availability at more that hundred Social networking and Bookmarking websites.Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on popular sites and domains 

How to check:-
  • Click here to go to namechk service
  • Enter your username as shown below
Name Check
  • And  it will shows available domains with our username as shown below
Domain results
  • On the below it shows availability of username availability in popular social bookmarking sites as shown below
Social bookmarking availability
About Namechk:-

NameChk was designed by david Gosse and Andy Edinborough.
David Gosse CEO of Vortaloptics(http://www.vortaloptics.com/)a vertical search and local search engine development company.
The concept for the site was inspired by Jon Sykes who started a similar site but he stopped maintaining it and then sold his domain,later David started it again. 

Also Available on Iphone and Ipad:-

Namechk is also available on Iphone and Ipads.
Click here to go to Namechk app.
I am waiting for the android version.I think they develop it very soon.

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