Jan 262013
Facebook on Nokia 1100

In this post I will explain how to access Facebook on any mobile without internet or GPRS connection.

Now a days everyone(even school students) using smart phones like apple,android,windows etc but there are still some people who would like to use classic mobiles like Nokia 1100 I am one of them.

Right now I am using Nokia 1280 mobile.I cannot access Internet from my mobile. I am getting bored while travelling.

But luckily I found a way to access Facebook on my mobile.Shocked?

Yes There is a way to access Facebook from any mobile that has no connectivity like GPRS/EGDE/3G.

Just dail *325# (or *fbk#) from your mobile.No need of Internet  GPRS. Here is the quick tour.

FaceBook without Internet

Dial *325# and provide your username and password that’s it.You can update your status instantly chat with your friends who are online,add new friends,read notifications etc.

But you may feel difficulty in reading stories one by one.But still it’s a good service to use.If you don’t have internet connectivity.

How to Use It?

There are so many shortcuts available I have been playing with them.

Post on friends Timeline:*325*3#
Facebook Chat: *325*33#
Birthday Reminder: *325*76#
Status Juggler: *325*75#

Add new friends by phone number

Just dial <*325*friend’s mobile number#> to add new friends on Facebook, instantly!

For Example: To Add Me type  *325*8197551028#

Is It Free?

It’s a service provided by fonetwish. Updating your status is completely free, but using other features, such as posting on a wall, checking notifications, and adding friends is not free. Facebook by Fonetwish is a subscription service that charges Rs. 1/- day for unlimited usage.

Not only Facebook you can connect twitter,Email(Yahoo,gmail,hotmail).First 15 days free of cost. And after that per day 1 rupee. Dial *325# and select combo offer (which include facebook,twitter,Emails).

Currently it’s available on networks like Airtel, BSNL,Vodafone,Tata,Uninor,Aircel, Idea, Reliance,Videocon, Loop mobile and Tata Docomo in India,Most of the networks are covered.To unsubscribe dial *325*22#.

I have smart phone why to use this service?

Even though you have smart phones, when you stuck in remote areas where there is no internet or no other form of data like GPRS what you will do? Still you can access Facebook without Internet and you can connect with your friends at a reasonable price.And no additional roaming charges.Just 1 rupee per day.

You can connect your mobile from Facebook account also.

Go to http://apps.facebook.com/fonetwish/ and activate your mobile.

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Jan 192013
Compress pictures and email

Now days I am busy with some other activities so I could not concentrate on my blog.I hope you enjoyed the new year celebrations This is my first blog post in this year 2013.Happy new year to all of you.

This post will explain how to compress pictures without losing their quality.

Recently I visited many tourist places around Bangalore,took many pictures and uploaded into Facebook and sent emails to my family members as they don’t have Facebook accounts.

But the problem here is you know that modern digital cameras  take pictures that are extremely large sometimes 5 to 10 mega pixels and more.Emailing those kind of pictures is very difficult,even uploading those high resolutions photos into Facebook will take lot of time.And if your Internet speed is slow then gone case only.

We can zip those photos but that will not compress photos as expected.I heard about some softwares those will compress pictures without loosing quality. I tried many softwares finally I end up with nice tip,no need to install any softwares If you have Microsoft Office in your system.Yes Microsoft Office that’s enough.I will explain how to compress pictures without loosing quality.

Also Read Bonus Tip : Forgot important link what you have searched Long back Don’t worry we have A search engine for what we have seen before

First copy pictures into laptop or system from your digital cam,before compressing it’s better to maintain back up of high resolutions.

  • Open Folder and select any one picture,right click and open with Microsoft Picture Manager.
  • Click on edit pictures and then select thumbnail view (small icon on left side of the picture manager) refer below picture.
  • Compress pictures and email


  • Then select all pictures (press ctrl+A).In the Edit pictures Panel select Compress pictures.

Compress Pictures                                                                       Compress pictures for emails

  •  Select documents as shown in the above pic on the bottom side you will see the compressed details as Original:1.52GB Compressed 207MB. Here I selected 519 files.Press OK. Wait for a while and then press Ctrl+S to save all pictures.
  • It may take sometime depending on number of files selected usually it’s less than a minute.

Upload these compressed pictures into Facebook rather than high resolution pics.You can save lot of time.And quality wise there is no much difference.

Instead of Emailing pictures you can use Google Drive to share pictures.Go to  Google Drive, Log in with your Gmail account and upload picture folder.

  • Select that folder , and click on More and select Share
  • Google will provide one link to those pictures  and we can share that link to facebook,twitter,Google plus instantly.
  • And enter email of your loved ones,share with them. 
  • Google providing 5gb free space to every gmail account we can upload files pictures into cloud and access them from anywhere.
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Dec 012012

The problem with Facebook Timeline is we cannot is full images only part of the pic is visible to us.If we want to see full image we need open it in new window.see the below pic

Cannot we see full Image Instantly?

And also Facebook recently introduced new feature “Notifications update side bar” on the right side of Facebook page window.We will get instant updates on the sidebar.But the problem is if anyone added new photo we will get update like below.

Sachin Status Update


If we want to see the full image again we need to open it in new window.After that only we can comment or like? Am I correct?

For status updates this feature is good(Instantly we can like or comment), saves lot of time.But for images like this again we need to open new window.

And also same problem with the cover photo updates,see the below images.

Updated Cover photo

Actual photo

And also if we want to see the high resolution photos again we need to open it in new window.

Cannot we see the full Image instantly? Without opening new window? and the answer is Yes.If you are a Google Chrome user we can see the full images instantly.

Just you need to install Hover Zoom Extension. And enlarge images or thumbnails on Mouse Over in Facebook Image Gallery without loading new page.

Not only Facebook users it’s very much useful for Reddit,Google+,Twitter or I can say any  social networking sites or Web sites which are having direct links to images.if the images don’t fit in the window they are automatically resized.

See the live demo in below gif Image


Not only Zoom we can save Images instantly

  • Press key “S” to save the image you are currently viewing
  • Press key “W” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new window. Press this key again to close the window.
  • Press key “T” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new tab. Press this key again to close the tab. Shift+key opens the image in a background tab.

This extension is very much useful in Google Image search.On search page you will see the thumbnails of actual images.If we want to save the actual high resolution images we need to open it in new window right,

But with this small extension we can directly save the High resolutions images on Hover by pressing key “S”(After enlarging).And saves lot of time.On the search page itself

It has so many other options like

  • Disable or enable zooming for specific sites
  • Adjusting delay and fading effects
  • Zoom images only when a specific key is held down

To change this options go to (Tools>Extensions>Hover Zoom>Options) in your Google Chrome browser.

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Oct 152012

In this post I will explain how to identify fake Facebook profiles.

The problem with the social networking sites is Fake profiles.Some times it’s difficult to find out fake profiles.Today I tried one simple Google trick to identify Fake Facebook profiles.

Just follow the following tips

  • Download the profile pic.
  • And go to Google Image search
  • Upload that profile pic into Google Image search.

That’s it.It will displays all webpages which contain that profile pic.I tried with more than 20 profiles and more than 90% of them are fakes.You can refer my older posts Use Google Image Search Smartly and Search Google By Image to know more about Google Image Search.


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