Mar 192013

Finally I found a way to install Google chrome extensions on Firefox as well as Safari.Mozilla has a plug in earlier(Google Chrome extensions manager) to do the same , but later they disabled it.

Extension factory service converts Chrome Apps and Extensions to a Firefox and Safari version.

Just Follow the below steps:

Go to Chrome Webstore and open extension which you want to install(Eg:- Gmail Mail Checker)

Copy the Chrome WebStore ID. Refer the below pic if you are not aware of WebStore Id.



Then Open Firefox or Safari visit following URL  .Enter or Paste the WebStore Id in given text box as shown below



Then Press Convert Button.

If Success you will be showing download options as shown below



Instead of entering Web Store Id manually you can directly download .crx or .zip extesnion and you can upload it into extension factory as shown in the above pic (Upload package)

But I feel copy pasting is the best way to do as no need to download package into our local drive and upload it again.

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Whether it will work for All extension ?:

It’s a beta version and And some extensions may not be converted. But I checked almost all major extensions on Mozilla all are working,but with safari it’s having some compatible issues.

But for Mozilla it’s working fine.

If it’s not working Then?

Contact  extension factory them through contact us page hope they will help. But For me almost all extensions are working as expected (Only in Mozilla)

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And The easy way to Print All Gmail Emails in a Label or Folder at a time Without any software..

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Mar 162013
Close Similar Tabs GoogleChrome

In Facebook we will open friends Facebook profiles in different tabs and we will end up with having multiple tabs not only Facebook It may happens while browsing popular sites like Statckoverflow,MSDN.

There are some extensions available in chrome and Mozilla through which we can close multiple tabs from the same domain or host at time.

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Close similar tabs in Google Chrome:

Install close similar tab extension from from Chrome web store.You will see  an icon close similar tab as shown below. Just click on the icon it will close all similar tabs from the same domain .

Close Similar Tabs GoogleChrome

Close Similar Tabs Google Chrome

But remember it will close similar tabs automatically without confirmation.

Close similar tabs in Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla users install TabCloser extension from add-on Gallery.Install it ,It asks to restart the browser.Then go to the tab right click you will see on option to close tabs from same domain as shown below



The advantage of this extension is it will asks for confirmation before closing.

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Dec 012012

The problem with Facebook Timeline is we cannot is full images only part of the pic is visible to us.If we want to see full image we need open it in new window.see the below pic

Cannot we see full Image Instantly?

And also Facebook recently introduced new feature “Notifications update side bar” on the right side of Facebook page window.We will get instant updates on the sidebar.But the problem is if anyone added new photo we will get update like below.

Sachin Status Update


If we want to see the full image again we need to open it in new window.After that only we can comment or like? Am I correct?

For status updates this feature is good(Instantly we can like or comment), saves lot of time.But for images like this again we need to open new window.

And also same problem with the cover photo updates,see the below images.

Updated Cover photo

Actual photo

And also if we want to see the high resolution photos again we need to open it in new window.

Cannot we see the full Image instantly? Without opening new window? and the answer is Yes.If you are a Google Chrome user we can see the full images instantly.

Just you need to install Hover Zoom Extension. And enlarge images or thumbnails on Mouse Over in Facebook Image Gallery without loading new page.

Not only Facebook users it’s very much useful for Reddit,Google+,Twitter or I can say any  social networking sites or Web sites which are having direct links to images.if the images don’t fit in the window they are automatically resized.

See the live demo in below gif Image


Not only Zoom we can save Images instantly

  • Press key “S” to save the image you are currently viewing
  • Press key “W” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new window. Press this key again to close the window.
  • Press key “T” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new tab. Press this key again to close the tab. Shift+key opens the image in a background tab.

This extension is very much useful in Google Image search.On search page you will see the thumbnails of actual images.If we want to save the actual high resolution images we need to open it in new window right,

But with this small extension we can directly save the High resolutions images on Hover by pressing key “S”(After enlarging).And saves lot of time.On the search page itself

It has so many other options like

  • Disable or enable zooming for specific sites
  • Adjusting delay and fading effects
  • Zoom images only when a specific key is held down

To change this options go to (Tools>Extensions>Hover Zoom>Options) in your Google Chrome browser.

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Nov 292012

Gmail will allows us to print one mail or message at a time.We cannot print multiple mails at a time that are saved in a folder or Label.We have to open each mail at a time and in order to print them.

Here is the simple solution to print all Gmail emails in one label at a time.

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Gmail Print All for Chrome is a nice Google Chrome Extension that will export all mails in a label to a Google Doc that we can Print or Save it as PDF. Organize you emails according to labels or folders.

  • Install Gmail Print All for Chrome From Chrome Web Store.
  • Open Gmail Print All for Chrome Icon in Google Chrome App Screen.
  • GmailPrintAllForChromeGrantAccess
  • Authenticate by clicking Click to Authentic.
  • Read term and conditions ,Grant access.
  • GmailPrintAllAccess
  • Select you label and print it to Google Doc.
  • That will create one Google Document,Each conversation thread gets a page of its own with the subject and number of messages in the thread, messages organized by the date.
  • And this also creates a document in Google Drive containing the contents from messages.

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And also Share memories with your loved once easily the effective way of compressing pictures and email 

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Oct 152012

Are you researching a topic on the internet?

Want to find webpages similar to the page you are currently looking but not able to come up with the right search query on Google?

Google launched new extension for Chrome to find related webpages called “Google similar pages beta”.You can preview and explore other pages with one click.Install the extension from here .

After installing go to any webpage and click on similar button,It will displays a pop up with similar pages(up to four pages) as shown below.


As mentioned earlier it’s a beta version,it has some limitation like


Oct 142012

Today My Google Chrome crashed and I installed it again from official Google chrome page.There is a link on the bottom of the page “Read an Awesome Book” as shown below.

Read an awesome book


I thought it’s a guide to use Google Chrome,But It was about a dad, named Dallas Clayton, and a little book he wrote for his son about dreaming big, fantastic dreams – called An Awesome Book!.

He wrote this book for his son,after that he wanted to share it with others,but faced many problems getting it published. Instead of giving up,he put a version of the book online for free,and self-published some copies.People started sharing the book, and he sold thousands of copies via word of mouth.

Why this is special? Why Google given this much important to his little book?

After seeing this video  in Youtube I saw one comment by an anonymous guy “I mean this was awesome and all but had almost nothing to do with chrome.” .Correct right,it’s nothing to do with Chrome.But why it’s in official Google Chrome download page?

I spent some time on this and finally I found the answer from Chrome Official Blog.

Tom Oliveri, from Chrome Marketing said “Four years ago, the Chrome team kicked off a mission to make a better web for everyone. For us, helping kids – of all ages – use the web to read and dream is a pretty cool way to bring this mission to life. In that spirit, we wanted to harness the power of the web to get the book into the hands of as many people as possible.”

Chrome launched a new application for reading it online.You can install this from Google Chrome Web Store. This is an online version of the book,which you can read in any one of 17 languages.You can click on the text to hear Dallas with some awesome sound effects.

Google has a way to always make their advertisements really fascinating. After    reading(listening) from Web Store,he seems like an inspirational father like my DAD.

After that he wrote three more books

An awesome book of thanks
An awesome book of love
Magic magic do Good.

In Dallas’ own words, he wrote this book to be shared. “If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone you know and maybe that way we can all dream big together!”

Aug 262012
Read Later Fast
Read later faster plugin for chrome and mozilla is very much useful to everyone.
       Now a days I am spending most of the time on Internet browsing and my browser is filled with too many tabs.
 And i am saving some links  as bookmarks, when I refer those bookmarks later, i came to know that they are no longer important. I keep on deleting those bookmarks.

        Cannot we have temporary location for storing those types of links? rather than storing it into bookmarks

      And another problem with bookmarks is we cannot access those links in offline. We need to connect to the internet.
      I came to know about one beautiful extension in Chrome which saves pages to read online or offline and avoids to many tabs in browser. Read Later Fast 
      Go to Chrome Web store in Search box type Read later Fast, and select extension install it.

How to use this Extension?

Open webpage you want to save it. For Example InternetExplorer Tab in Chrome and Mozilla
And right click any where in the page You can see one option Real Later as shown below

Read later Fast
Read Later

Just select that option and you can see one pop up page saved..
Go to your chrome apps select Read later Fast You can your pages that are saved.

 It has two options Unread and Archive. And most important feature of this Extension is 
It will remove all unnecessary data from the page (like adds) and saves only required information,Clean text.We can read webpages fast using slideshow.

It is very helpful while saving any articles and news.We can access it offline also.

And it has another awesome feature “Price comparison while shopping” .

Shopping with Read Later Fast..!

When we are are shopping on e-commerce  sites like amazon,it provides price comparisons 
automatically as shown below.. It list outs prices in ebay,obostore etc..
No need to compare product on different sites. It will automatically searches the similar product online and displays.

And we can disable this feature if we don’t want to use it.
This is the one of the best browsing feature i have ever seen.

In mozilla also we have this pulg in Click here For Download that plugin

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