Jan 262013
Facebook on Nokia 1100

In this post I will explain how to access Facebook on any mobile without internet or GPRS connection.

Now a days everyone(even school students) using smart phones like apple,android,windows etc but there are still some people who would like to use classic mobiles like Nokia 1100 I am one of them.

Right now I am using Nokia 1280 mobile.I cannot access Internet from my mobile. I am getting bored while travelling.

But luckily I found a way to access Facebook on my mobile.Shocked?

Yes There is a way to access Facebook from any mobile that has no connectivity like GPRS/EGDE/3G.

Just dail *325# (or *fbk#) from your mobile.No need of Internet  GPRS. Here is the quick tour.

FaceBook without Internet

Dial *325# and provide your username and password that’s it.You can update your status instantly chat with your friends who are online,add new friends,read notifications etc.

But you may feel difficulty in reading stories one by one.But still it’s a good service to use.If you don’t have internet connectivity.

How to Use It?

There are so many shortcuts available I have been playing with them.

Post on friends Timeline:*325*3#
Facebook Chat: *325*33#
Birthday Reminder: *325*76#
Status Juggler: *325*75#

Add new friends by phone number

Just dial <*325*friend’s mobile number#> to add new friends on Facebook, instantly!

For Example: To Add Me type  *325*8197551028#

Is It Free?

It’s a service provided by fonetwish. Updating your status is completely free, but using other features, such as posting on a wall, checking notifications, and adding friends is not free. Facebook by Fonetwish is a subscription service that charges Rs. 1/- day for unlimited usage.

Not only Facebook you can connect twitter,Email(Yahoo,gmail,hotmail).First 15 days free of cost. And after that per day 1 rupee. Dial *325# and select combo offer (which include facebook,twitter,Emails).

Currently it’s available on networks like Airtel, BSNL,Vodafone,Tata,Uninor,Aircel, Idea, Reliance,Videocon, Loop mobile and Tata Docomo in India,Most of the networks are covered.To unsubscribe dial *325*22#.

I have smart phone why to use this service?

Even though you have smart phones, when you stuck in remote areas where there is no internet or no other form of data like GPRS what you will do? Still you can access Facebook without Internet and you can connect with your friends at a reasonable price.And no additional roaming charges.Just 1 rupee per day.

You can connect your mobile from Facebook account also.

Go to http://apps.facebook.com/fonetwish/ and activate your mobile.

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Dec 152012

As a human everyone is curious to know about what other people doing in their daily life that’s why Facebook is very famous! Am I correct?

2012 is going to end within few days,Do you know what happened in the past one year in Internet world or Google? Want know trending topics around the world? And especially what other people are Googling in the internet? this is very interesting right?

Google introduced Google Zeitgeist 2012 to know How the world searched in the past year,this includes 1.2 trillion queries in 146 languages from 55 countries.

What is Google Zeitgiest?

Even I am also confused what is Zeitgiest? German word ,It means spirit of the age or spirit of the time. i.e., which influences the world over the period of time.Now your clear right why Google took this name.Google started this service in 2001.

But this time with more features and also with Maps and Images.And filtered according to countries,languages.

Gangam Style second most trending topic all around the world.I loved this song.Whitney Houston is number One.

These are the some trending topics around the world in 2012 I found from Google Zeitgeist You can download entire list from here.Ipad  is the only keyword which holding it name in TOP10 from 2010.

Google Zeitgeist 2012 In India:

This time I was shocked with the results Sunny Leone is the third most keyword searched in India.While IBPS and Gate Exam are first two.Salman khan’s Ek tha tiger fourth.

Aakash tablet and Jabong(.)com are in the Top 10.

When coming to people no doubt in that right again Sunny leone.Two more bollywood stars are in the TOP 10 Poonam Pandey(3rd place And in 2011 4th place she is the only one holding her name in TOP10 when compared to last year 2011) and Sherlyn Chopra(6).

Anna hazare and Sachin lost their place from TOP10.

And also Teenager Alia Bhatt(Student of the year) daughter of Mahesh Bhatt is in 4th Place.

See The Past 10 year trends:

I tried to gather Past 10 year trends, You can see these Google Zeitgeist lists from 2001 onwards from here

How Google Zeitgeist gather data?

All the searches Google studied are anonymous. No personal information was used.Google gathered these data from multiple sources including Google Trends. Trending topics are “the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a period in 2012 as compared to 2011.” While The “most searched” queries are the most popular terms for 2012—ranked in order of the queries with the largest volume of searches.

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Oct 142012

Today My Google Chrome crashed and I installed it again from official Google chrome page.There is a link on the bottom of the page “Read an Awesome Book” as shown below.

Read an awesome book


I thought it’s a guide to use Google Chrome,But It was about a dad, named Dallas Clayton, and a little book he wrote for his son about dreaming big, fantastic dreams – called An Awesome Book!.

He wrote this book for his son,after that he wanted to share it with others,but faced many problems getting it published. Instead of giving up,he put a version of the book online for free,and self-published some copies.People started sharing the book, and he sold thousands of copies via word of mouth.

Why this is special? Why Google given this much important to his little book?

After seeing this video  in Youtube I saw one comment by an anonymous guy “I mean this was awesome and all but had almost nothing to do with chrome.” .Correct right,it’s nothing to do with Chrome.But why it’s in official Google Chrome download page?

I spent some time on this and finally I found the answer from Chrome Official Blog.

Tom Oliveri, from Chrome Marketing said “Four years ago, the Chrome team kicked off a mission to make a better web for everyone. For us, helping kids – of all ages – use the web to read and dream is a pretty cool way to bring this mission to life. In that spirit, we wanted to harness the power of the web to get the book into the hands of as many people as possible.”

Chrome launched a new application for reading it online.You can install this from Google Chrome Web Store. This is an online version of the book,which you can read in any one of 17 languages.You can click on the text to hear Dallas with some awesome sound effects.

Google has a way to always make their advertisements really fascinating. After    reading(listening) from Web Store,he seems like an inspirational father like my DAD.

After that he wrote three more books

An awesome book of thanks
An awesome book of love
Magic magic do Good.

In Dallas’ own words, he wrote this book to be shared. “If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone you know and maybe that way we can all dream big together!”

Oct 122012

For some time forgot about Internet,Web,Google,go back to 50 years.

Imagine you are in 1950’s You want to plan a vacation for week end? What will you do?

  • First thing Place(where you want to go Decide then plan)
  • Date and Time (When you want to Go)
  • Is there are any books available about that place
  • Searching for news in Daily news papers
  • Any pictures?
  • Find that place in ATLAS
  • Route map to that place.
  • Send telegrams to your friend about your plan and ask them to join.
Difficult to do all these things right? but now we have Google to find all this things,We will use Calender (to plan),Google images,gmail,news,google maps to do all these things.But the problem is First we have to search images,next in other tabs we search for news,Google maps etc.
Imagine all these features at one place! your life will become simpler,Am I correct?  For this reason

Google come with new searching feature What do you love by Google?

Find your interests and get more details about it from different Google products at one place.

Google Products includes

  • google maps:-Search your interest in Google Maps
  • youtube:-Search Videos in youtube
  • Sketch:-Explore your interests in 3d with Google Sketch
  • Calender:-Plan your events
  • Blog Search:-Find blogs with your interests
  • Patents:-Find patents related
  • Books:-Find Books about your interests
  • Alerts:-Set alerts
  • News:-Find news
  • Google Translates

And more Google products at one place.

Go to http://www.wdyl.com/

Enter your interests and explore them in different areas (like mentioned above)

I searched for Ice creams(I personally don’t like ice creams but my Best friend likes them a lot) and I came to know more details about ice cream at one place like below.

ice cream

Now I know Ice cream in different languages (IJs – (Dutch),Lody – (Polish),Hufen Iâ – (Welsh),Dondurmalar – (Turkey) and in many languages).Blogs about Ice creams and many details in one page.

Find your interests,And Explore.

Happy Searching..


Oct 062012
Google Alerts

How many blogs you subscribed for latest news?How you ever subscribed for “Google Alerts” to get latest news?With Google alerts we will get an instant email  notification of the latest relevant search results based on our interests.With Google alerts we can track everything on Web.It’s a simple but powerful search tool that works based on Google Search engine.

Here is the simple way to create Google alerts.Go to Google alerts

Google Alerts

For example if you want to keep track of Windows 8 release then you can create an alert {Search query:”Windows 8 release” result type:news How often:As-it-happens} or you can restrict search results to only Microsoft using site: operator in search query you can type { “Windows 8 release” site:microsoft.com }.Now you will an update whenever microsoft release news about Windows 8.

And one more thing you may get irrelevant results if you do not specify Search query exactly here is the simple tip to remove irrelevant results.

Put the keyword within double quotes (“Windows 8 release”) it will exactly search for “Windows 8 release” and remove all search results for Windows. And use site operator for example if we want to get news about apple new releases you can restrict your search results to apple.com using site operator.

Most websites like Forbes, CNet or CNN let us setup free email alerts for tracking any topic on their websites. When a story contains your selected topic or your keyword, you will receive e-mail alerts.but most of these sites require registration for alerts and also there is no customization options like (site: etc..) in that case we may get irrelevant results also we can use google alerts to set up notifications, no need maintain multiple accounts on these websites. If you want to know news about Apple applications you can create alert as {“Apple applications ” site:Forbes.com}.

More Option Link:

You want to download some software most of us enter search query like “Download Avast antivirus” We will get so many web pages but not direct links to the downloads.(Some times it will shows).Have you observed left side panel of Google search page

google application searchIf you select more options you will get so many options like Blogs,shopping,patents and applications.

Select applications and you will get exact links to software downloads.

You may also search Android,Nokia,Samsung,apple applications.

I already explained how to use Images options in my earlier posts,you may refer those links to know more about Google Images options.

Search Google By Image And Use Google image search Smartly. Spend some time on More options to explore searching skills.

Google Scholar:

Searching for articles and research material just go to Google Scholar. Create alerts for new researching topics and you will get email updates whenever an article published in your niche or topics.Helpful to PhD students to research on a particular topic.

 Intext Operator:

This is one more cool operator in Google Searching.For example you want to search for Data structures notes. You can write search query as

Data Structures site:stanford.edu

Here my intention is to search data structures material in Stanford university.If we want to search for Data structures using algorithms just change the search query as below

Data Structures site:stanford.edu intext:algorithm

You can use Data Structures and algorithm as  search query but above query will return exact results.

Date Range searching option:

Google has option to filter results based on Date ranges.

Date Range Search option

In the left side panel click on More search tools,Select custom range and enter from and to dates to filter dates based on time.

For example you want to search news for fifa world cup 2010.You may select date range from June2010 to July 2010.




Oct 012012
Color Filter

We use google image search for celebrities photos,places etc. But with this Image search we can find whatever you want,I will share my experience with Image search.

Google Image search providing so many filters like time,type,size,color etc.I love to read algorithm books more,I read one book about algorithms long back.I don’t remember author name and not even book name.It’s an algorithm book that’s it.

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One day I am searching for that book in Google but I am not able find that book.One day gone in searching,later I lost my patience and quit my search.

Next day I am searching for some images(Again celebrity Image only) and I saw color filter at the bottom left of the page

Color Filter

I selected Black and White I got all Black and white photos.Then I thought of that book it’s cover page is in orange color.

Then I searched for ‘algorithms books’  keyword in Google image search I got so many results,then I filter it by Orange color.Finally I got that book the book name was ‘Algorithms and networking for Computer Games’ and the authors are ‘Jouni Smed’ and ‘Harri Hakonen’.

I wasted my entire day for finding this book finally I found.



And another example One of my friend (He is from electronics streams) He wants ‘ Tesla Coil ‘ architecture(No need to bother about Tesla Coil Even I don’t know).I searched for Tesla Coil in Image search. I got so many results as shown below.


Tesla Coil


Mostly I got Color photos,but he don’t want that color photos then I selected one image as above and Filter it by similar images I got so many Tesla Coil architectures as shown below.


We can search whatever we want,if we use Image search smartly.This may be simple trick but it helped me a lot.

Sep 292012
Seen before
Most of the people are good at remembering contents of a webpage. But not good at remembering how they find that page.
After several months,if we search for those pages we will get millions of pages and Page1 will contain fresh and popular pages right now.What we looked before may not be the popular.
We can bookmarks those pages but the problem is we may not think it was important for us to bookmark it.How to find previously viewed pages?
And the solution is


Seen Before:
A search engine for what you have seen before. Previously viewed webpages appear alongside your normal Google results.
It works across the multiple machines and Stores what ever we saw before based on keywords we searched.
No need to remember all the pages. And Filters are provided ,we can search for it by time of day or hour or etc.
And also we will get automated weekly email, detailing most common visited websites.
And 40% of the online users are simply looking for what they read before. Seen Before finds what we saw and saves time.


How it works:
You need to register on www.seenbefore.com to use this extension.
That’s is it.That plug in will take care of remaining things.And it’s completely different from browsing history.
Seen before stores information securely in the cloud from our work or home computer.
So no matter where you read,you can still search for it based on our account.
It integrated with Google search so on every search, we can see how many results are within SeenBefore.
And another great thing is as it stores cached information we can read those page even if the page get changed or deleted.
We can see our results from anywhere.Just we need to install Chrome extension in that machine login to your account it will display the results as shown below.You can see Seen Before Options on the left side of the Search page When we click on    seen before it will shown the results based on time. It will not save private information like online banking,emails,shopping cart,https mode pages
How to install:
Currently it has more than 2000 users around the world.
Unfortunately it’s stopped new registrations,because they exceeded their expectations.
Luckily i have an account,simply superb extension.
But you can give a try by installing extension from Chrome web store click here
They are working and relaunching it very soon.
To get early access register on their website or you can clikc here.
currently it supports for Chrome only.But in the coming version it supports both Mozilla and Safari.
Register yourself as soon as possible and enjoy the searching.


Sep 222012
Name Check
Maintain one common username across the social media by checking username availability across the social networks.
Personal branding is necessary now a days,to increase our personal brand it’s better to have unique username in social networking sites and Social bookmarking sites.
How to check whether our username available on social networking sites?
Here is the simple procedure. 

Namechk is helps us to check username or vanity url availability at more that hundred Social networking and Bookmarking websites.Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on popular sites and domains 

How to check:-
  • Click here to go to namechk service
  • Enter your username as shown below
Name Check
  • And  it will shows available domains with our username as shown below
Domain results
  • On the below it shows availability of username availability in popular social bookmarking sites as shown below
Social bookmarking availability
About Namechk:-

NameChk was designed by david Gosse and Andy Edinborough.
David Gosse CEO of Vortaloptics(http://www.vortaloptics.com/)a vertical search and local search engine development company.
The concept for the site was inspired by Jon Sykes who started a similar site but he stopped maintaining it and then sold his domain,later David started it again. 

Also Available on Iphone and Ipad:-

Namechk is also available on Iphone and Ipads.
Click here to go to Namechk app.
I am waiting for the android version.I think they develop it very soon.

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