Must Have Facebook Feature Definitely You Will Love It

The problem with Facebook Timeline is we cannot is full images only part of the pic is visible to us.If we want to see full image we need open it in new window.see the below pic

Cannot we see full Image Instantly?

And also Facebook recently introduced new feature “Notifications update side bar” on the right side of Facebook page window.We will get instant updates on the sidebar.But the problem is if anyone added new photo we will get update like below.

Sachin Status Update


If we want to see the full image again we need to open it in new window.After that only we can comment or like? Am I correct?

For status updates this feature is good(Instantly we can like or comment), saves lot of time.But for images like this again we need to open new window.

And also same problem with the cover photo updates,see the below images.

Updated Cover photo

Actual photo

And also if we want to see the high resolution photos again we need to open it in new window.

Cannot we see the full Image instantly? Without opening new window? and the answer is Yes.If you are a Google Chrome user we can see the full images instantly.

Just you need to install Hover Zoom Extension. And enlarge images or thumbnails on Mouse Over in Facebook Image Gallery without loading new page.

Not only Facebook users it’s very much useful for Reddit,Google+,Twitter or I can say any  social networking sites or Web sites which are having direct links to images.if the images don’t fit in the window they are automatically resized.

See the live demo in below gif Image


Not only Zoom we can save Images instantly

  • Press key “S” to save the image you are currently viewing
  • Press key “W” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new window. Press this key again to close the window.
  • Press key “T” to open the image you are currently viewing in a new tab. Press this key again to close the tab. Shift+key opens the image in a background tab.

This extension is very much useful in Google Image search.On search page you will see the thumbnails of actual images.If we want to save the actual high resolution images we need to open it in new window right,

But with this small extension we can directly save the High resolutions images on Hover by pressing key “S”(After enlarging).And saves lot of time.On the search page itself

It has so many other options like

  • Disable or enable zooming for specific sites
  • Adjusting delay and fading effects
  • Zoom images only when a specific key is held down

To change this options go to (Tools>Extensions>Hover Zoom>Options) in your Google Chrome browser.

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