A Little Dad Who Inspired Google

Today My Google Chrome crashed and I installed it again from official Google chrome page.There is a link on the bottom of the page “Read an Awesome Book” as shown below.

Read an awesome book


I thought it’s a guide to use Google Chrome,But It was about a dad, named Dallas Clayton, and a little book he wrote for his son about dreaming big, fantastic dreams – called An Awesome Book!.

He wrote this book for his son,after that he wanted to share it with others,but faced many problems getting it published. Instead of giving up,he put a version of the book online for free,and self-published some copies.People started sharing the book, and he sold thousands of copies via word of mouth.

Why this is special? Why Google given this much important to his little book?

After seeing this video  in Youtube I saw one comment by an anonymous guy “I mean this was awesome and all but had almost nothing to do with chrome.” .Correct right,it’s nothing to do with Chrome.But why it’s in official Google Chrome download page?

I spent some time on this and finally I found the answer from Chrome Official Blog.

Tom Oliveri, from Chrome Marketing said “Four years ago, the Chrome team kicked off a mission to make a better web for everyone. For us, helping kids – of all ages – use the web to read and dream is a pretty cool way to bring this mission to life. In that spirit, we wanted to harness the power of the web to get the book into the hands of as many people as possible.”

Chrome launched a new application for reading it online.You can install this from Google Chrome Web Store. This is an online version of the book,which you can read in any one of 17 languages.You can click on the text to hear Dallas with some awesome sound effects.

Google has a way to always make their advertisements really fascinating. After    reading(listening) from Web Store,he seems like an inspirational father like my DAD.

After that he wrote three more books

An awesome book of thanks
An awesome book of love
Magic magic do Good.

In Dallas’ own words, he wrote this book to be shared. “If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone you know and maybe that way we can all dream big together!”