How To Install Google Chrome Extension On Firefox

Finally I found a way to install Google chrome extensions on Firefox as well as Safari.Mozilla has a plug in earlier(Google Chrome extensions manager) to do the same , but later they disabled it.

Extension factory service converts Chrome Apps and Extensions to a Firefox and Safari version.

Just Follow the below steps:

Go to Chrome Webstore and open extension which you want to install(Eg:- Gmail Mail Checker)

Copy the Chrome WebStore ID. Refer the below pic if you are not aware of WebStore Id.



Then Open Firefox or Safari visit following URL  .Enter or Paste the WebStore Id in given text box as shown below



Then Press Convert Button.

If Success you will be showing download options as shown below



Instead of entering Web Store Id manually you can directly download .crx or .zip extesnion and you can upload it into extension factory as shown in the above pic (Upload package)

But I feel copy pasting is the best way to do as no need to download package into our local drive and upload it again.

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Whether it will work for All extension ?:

It’s a beta version and And some extensions may not be converted. But I checked almost all major extensions on Mozilla all are working,but with safari it’s having some compatible issues.

But for Mozilla it’s working fine.

If it’s not working Then?

Contact  extension factory them through contact us page hope they will help. But For me almost all extensions are working as expected (Only in Mozilla)

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