A New Era Of Web Development – HTML5

Tim Berners lee introduced HTML and wrote Browser in early 1990’s. The main purpose is to use and share documents among CERN researchers. After that it is continuously adding many new features like CSS, Java Script etc.. More than two decades after HTML was introduced still we are asking questions about Web like What is World Wide Web? What it can be? What are the main features and applications we can use and really important to us? What are the tools available to develop these great sites and apps? And Finally How effectively we can build these apps and sites so that it can fit into Browser? These questions led to the new era of Web Development HTML5 , latest version of HTML.

Lot of discussions going around the world on HTML5 like HTML5 is all about multimedia, getting rid of plug-ins and support for audio and video.

It’s about rich Internet clients. Instead of building clients with plug-ins like Flash, now we can use canvas, transforms and JavaScript to build cool web pages and animations. HTML5 will supports client-side storage and caching functionality .or we can say Offline access to the web? And also Mobile apps..! So What exactly it is? HTML5 is all these things. It’s a family of technologies that can be used to built web pages and application.

Its is going to change the Web in coming years.. Watch this space for HTML5 tutorials and notes..