Book Review : HTML5 Web Application Development By Example

Do you get bored reading tons of theory about HTML5 and not many hands on Labs? Then go for “HTML5 web development by example” by Packt publications.

The book has the tagline “A Beginners Guide” and it’s what exactly it states.

The book covers all the important HTML5 Elements and the new API’s in HTML5 with simple real world examples.

It teaches you few Basic things like creating HTML5 file and also how to build complex web applications using HTML5 features.

The author explains how to implement a task management application from scratch and then he added few CSS3 features to that application, after that he introduced HTML5 Local storage API to load tasks or lists from browser storage.

html5 web application development by example

html5 web application development by example

After that He explained new HTML5 input types like Date,Email,URL and DataList etc.

And he introduced the concept of “Data Binding”.

Data Binding maps user control in the DOM to fields in the Data Model so that whenever user changes the DOM elements are automatically updated.

There are few powerful Data binding available for Java Script like Backbone.js , Knockout.js.

The author explains how to implement our own simple data binding to learn about custom attributes.

Then he introduced most powerful and useful feature of HTML5, Canvas API by developing simple painting application and extended this application to support few basic photo editing features like grey-scale, sepia etc. And he used HTML5 file API to read and write Images to canvas.

And next he explained HTML5 audio API by developing a Nice Piano Application. I like this part very much.

And in next chapter he explained how to load data from server using AJAX, JSON by developing Weather Application. He introduced HTML5 Geo Location API in this application.

And at the end of the book author explained about “Web workers in HTML5” I really enjoyed     a lot while reading this chapter as I am new to this concept.

Finally I think it’s a good book to start with if you are new to web development. The author briefly explains each and every line of code.

The people who have some web development experience will find these explanations too detailed.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, go for it.

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HTML5 Web Application Development By Example Beginner’s guide