Book Review : Multithreading In C# 5.0 Cookbook

Now a days computer processors are containing more and more cores, Multithreading helps to increase the utilization of these cores.

If you are working in Windows environment and dealing with Hardware components, Multithreading is a key factor for creating effective and scalable applications.

I would not recommend you to use Multithreading concept unless you have very good experience.If anything goes wrong it can lead to confusing problems and takes huge amount of time to resolve.

Recently I am being asked to review the book “Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook” by PacktPub.Here I am sharing my views on this book.

Multi Threading in C# 5.0

Multi Threading in C# 5.0

The book starts with the basics of threading and then explains advanced concepts like Task Parallel Library, Asynchronous functions etc.

After that the author explains about Parallel programming and data structures.And at the end the author discussed few concepts related to Windows 8 application Development,how to program asynchronous applications for Windows 8.

This book guides you through asynchronous and parallel programming from basic examples to practical, real-world solutions to complex problems.

The book covers all Main topics in Multithreading. and also few tricks like awaiting a dynamic object and windows 8 background tasks etc.

All code recipes follow the format of first “Getting ready” then “How to do it…” and finally “How it works…”.Even though book name suggest it as a Cookbook  The final section “How it works…” contains a very deep explanation on how the code works. I liked this part very much.

And I really I enjoyed the concepts related to Windows 8 Applications as I am new to those concepts.

As it’s a Cookbook use it as a reference guide for future needs,If you are completely new to Multithreading I would not recommend you to read this as it requires basic understanding of Multithreading.

If you are a college graduate or if you are a regular C# developer I would totally recommend to get this book for future references.

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