How to Get int value from Enum in C# with examples

To get int value from enum in C#, cast the enum variable to integer.

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Solution 1: Use Type cast to get int value from enum

The default underlying type for enums in C# is Int.

So we can type cast the enum to int to get the integer value from enum in C#.

We will take an example to understand it further.

public enum Days

Now we will cast enum values to integer values.

int mondayValue=(int)Days.Monday; //0
int tuesdayValue=(int)Days.Tuesday; //1
int wednesdayValue=(int)Days.Wednesday; //2
int thursdayValue=(int)Days.Thursday; //3
int fridayValue=(int)Days.Friday; //4
int saturdayValue=(int)Days.Saturday; //5
int sundayValue=(int)Days.Sunday; //6

Solution 2: Use Convert.ToInt32() method to get the integer value from enum

Or we can use Convert.ToInt32() to method to convert an enum to integer as shown below.

int mondayValue=Convert.ToInt32(Days.Moday); //0

Get the enum value of different underlying types

Enums in C# can have different underlying types.

If C# enum is declared as a uint, long, or ulong we should cast it to the corresponding type of the enum.

Consider the below example of Stars enum, which has a type long.

enum Stars:long 
    Sun = 1, Star1 = 2,Star2=3, .. Startn = n

var sunValue = (long)Stars.Sun;//1