2 ways to convert/cast int to enum in C#

There are 2 ways To convert or cast int to enum in C#

  1. Using C# explicit type casting.
  2. Using Enum.ToObject() method

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Solution 1: Using C# explicit type casting

The simple way to convert int to enum in C# is to use explicit type casting.

Let’s go through an example to understand it further.

We have an enum type called LogLevel, which represents different levels of logging.

public enum LogLevel

int logEnumInteger = 1;
LogLevel errorEnum = (LogLevel) logEnumInteger;

Explicit casting done by placing the enum type in parentheses in front of the int value.

But there is a problem with above C# int to enum conversion.

What if the int value does not exists in the C# Enum variable?

int logEnumInteger = 100;
LogLevel unknownEnum = (LogLevel) logEnumInteger;

It will not throw any exception.

So it’s better to check if the int value exists in C# Enum before casting it to the integer.

Check if an integer exists or not in C# enum variable

To get the all integer values in C# Enum we can use Enum.GetValues method.

Convert them to C# list, so that we can use list.Contains() method to check if the given integer exist in enum variable.

var intValue = 100;
var enumValues = Enum.GetValues(typeof(LogLevel)).Cast<int>().ToList();

   Console.WriteLine("We can Cast C# int to Enum");  
   LogLevel loggingValue = (LogLevel) intValue;
  Console.WriteLine("Cannot Cast C# int to Enum");

We can use Enum.IsDefined() method to check if converted integer value exist in the given enum type.

var enumValue = (LogLevel)1;

if (Enum.IsDefined(typeof(LogLevel), enumValue)){
   Console.WriteLine("The converted int to enum value is",enumValue);
   Console.WriteLine("Cannot Convert int to Enum",enumValue);

Solution 2: Use Enum.ToObject() method

We can use C# Enum.ToObject() method, convert int value to enum in C#.

var enumValue = Enum.ToObject(typeof(LogLevel),1);