Is It Time For Sustainable Web Design?

“Green is good” seems to be the marketing phrase that everyone is currently trying to sell. When we look back in time, we will have most likely adopted sustainable practices to the point where we will have forgotten the point (now) when these practices, that we are just beginning to understand and become aware of, were n’t natural…Perhaps a bit like thinking of living without a cell phone.

More and more, people are making more sustainable choices when it comes to purchases and industries are being held responsible for their actions and choices. No one likes to sacrifice quality, but in a world that is quickly shifting to function more sustainable, the sustainable option is the one that is frequently being sought out by consumers.

Now all of us, at any web design company, join the cause Sustainable Web Design

Should I make my website sustainable?

Many people think of the aviation industry when it comes to environmental footprints…they figure they’ll fly a little less or check the box to pay a few extra dollars to plant trees in place of their travel. News flash! The internet’s yearly carbon footprint has exceeded that of the aviation industry and is quickly growing. At 1114K (2012 statistic), the average webpage has tripled in size since 2008 and is about 15 times larger than 10 years ago (
So what is the goal of sustainable web design? Carbon footprint reduction. It’s that simple and it really is simple. Other benefits, aside from avoiding adding to the world’s carbon pollution, are: a faster site, a site that converts more easily on mobile phones and better SEO!


There are many ways to reduce a website’s size. Here are some quick fixes:

  • Aside from reducing the amount of content on your website, you can reduce the size of images and video or choose a lighter option like text. For example, reduce the size of your jpegs or use png formatting which works better with mobile phones.
  • Use a green host. Some are powered by renewable energy, where others simply use more sustainable sources of energy.
  • After all other options have been used, whatever footprint still exists can be countered with carbon-offsetting practices.
    In addition you can use Sprites in CSS background images or cache your downloads. There are many up to date lists and how to’s available online that can guide people with a basic web knowledge through the steps.

Next Steps:Sustainable Web Design solutions

There are many website hosts that offer a sustainable web design options, just as there are many website designers who specialize in sustainable web design.

One way people can ensure they’re using a sustainable option is with web design software by 1and1. The company runs on clean energy and is interested in using as little energy as possible. In addition, they use highly efficient power supplies and have data centers located around the world. They also use sustainable practices daily in their offices, recycling, paperless billing, and radiant heating and cooling in most office buildings. Their overall initiative saves 30,000 tonnes of C02 emissions yearly.

With web design and software by 1and1 you can create your website, secure your domain, transfer your domain to 1and1 or use their web hosting or mail services. You can also use one of their server options or create your own online business. Basically, they have everything you could possibly need for your website and it’s sustainable!

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